Commercial Work

In addition to community archaeology, we also take on commercial work in all aspects of archaeology.
The only difference being that all profit made on commercial work is fed back into the company, to benefit the community projects we are involved with.

Please click here to read more about our Community Archaeology work.

As well as the projects listed above, we can also offer a full range of other archaeological services such as:-

  • Historic Building Recording.
    This is undertaken to record a standing structure of historic or architectural significance that may be altered as a result of building works or the redevelopment of a site.
  • Watching Briefs
  • Desk Based Assesments, Preparation of Written Scemes of Investigation and Mitigation Strategies
  • Post Excavation artefact analysis, recording and conservation.
  • Environmental sample processing and reporting.


Heritage Advice

At BNH we can assist commercial clients and community groups by providing a source of information and expertise and to act as a liaison with external agencies and other interested parties should the need arise.

We are also able to assist and advise stakeholders of heritage assets across a range of issues including:-

  • Historic building recording
  • Curation of historic collections including advice on conservation
  • Organising events to celebrate local heritage

heritage consultancy

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